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Young woman losing weight in a weekWeight loss seems like a challenge for many and there is a wide range of solutions, training programs, diets, workouts, even yoga and meditation practices that can help you achieve this goal. Losing weight in a week is an attractive goal and many people have tried achieving it. Some managed to lose weight in a week, some didn’t.
What makes the difference between the successful stories and those who still dream of losing weight in a week? Here is where project management comes in handy. When starting a project (let’s name our project “how to lose weight in a week”) it’s essential to follow some steps. First of all, you should understand your motivation, you should define your goals and then all the methods and resources you will need to reach your destination should be clear for you.
Almost three quarters of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese and in these circumstances, weight loss industry is thriving. There are hundreds of miracle products available on the market but their magic disappears if you take a step back and observe how these products work (or better say, don’t work).
Let’s see some essential information you should know before starting to lose weight in one week:

Set Realistic Goals

Losing in one week only the belly fat, or thinning your legs will not work. Losing all your extra weight will not be possible if you have many pounds to shred. Don’t panic and take it slow as losing weight in one week can be just the beginning of a beautiful journey towards a fitter and healthier you.
Setting realistic expectations is the essential factor that makes the weight loss project doable. Setting realistic goals when willing to lose weight in a week will also minimize the disappointment you could feel when reaching deadline, if things don’t work out as expected. You could use an online simulator that can help you make some realistic estimations for weight loss. You enter basic information about yourself (age, sex, current weight and lifestyle) and the simulator will show you which are your caloric needs and how much weight you can lose in one week while maintaining your health.

Don’t Starve Yourself!

The temptation to adopt strict diets is very big, but always keep in mind that your weight is closely related to your health. This means that when you adjust some parameters in your body’s functioning (like calories intake and calories consumption, quality of nutrients you provide your body) all these modifications will have effects on your health directly.
When willing to lose weight in one week, don’t go for starvation or for very strict diets. It will be very hard for your body to adapt, your mood and your work capacity will be influenced (most of the times negatively). Again, we strongly advise you to use an online calories calculator or a professional scale that can show you the calories you need to provide your body daily. Go for 10%-15% deficits (if you need 2000 calories daily, then reduce your intake to 1800, for example) if you want to maintain your health.
Also, provide your body energy from smart sources. In our food are three main types of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and lipids and you can adjust the intake of each of these nutrients in order to find the best combination for your body and weight loss. Intermittent fasting (a certain pattern established in your life that cycles strictly defined intervals for eating and for fasting) is also proven to have amazing results in weight loss. Cutting carbs will also help a lot in such short-term weigh loss projects.

Don’t Forget About Exercise!

Food and exercise are two important aspects both for weight loss and for gaining weight. You can reach your goal of losing weight in one week faster if, next to a balanced and healthy diet, you exercise. The most popular and efficient type of workout for weight loss is HIIT (high-intensity interval training).
This means that you work at highest capacity for a specific interval of time and then recovering. This type of exercising increases your metabolic rate and, good to know, is more efficient than classic cardio. Never omit warming up before a workout and don’t force your body into long, heavy workouts if you did not have an active life before starting to lose weight.

Take Care Of Your Emotions Too

When making important changes in your lifestyle, eating and workout habits, you should always consider your feelings. Maybe the main cause you gained weight was eating instead of dealing with negative feelings. It won’t last long until your mind will perceive the change and most of the times it will try to get you back to the inefficient mindset. So try to take care about your thoughts, about your motivation, your feelings. Try finding a partner in this weight loss journey, a counselor or a support group.
Weight loss in one week is a reality, all you need to do is make a plan, set realistic goals, find your motivation and work hard! Find the little joys in this one-week weight loss process and allow your body to reach the shape you feel best with!
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Anti age serums

Posted By on May 10, 2016

Anti-Aging-Serum-or-creamYour skin is the reflection of your behaviour to yourself through years, and every wrinkle tells it’s own story. There is a quote that in twenties you face looks same as when you were born, and in the fourthies, your face looks as you have made it through years, and it is proven. Healthy living and regular application od skincare products is the proven way of keeping your skin as young as it is possible. Remember that there is no elixir for eternal youth, but with proper care, your skin and face can be shaped up at a maximum level regardless to the number that describes your age. The main goal of all skin care products is to keep your skin hydrated and elastic, and the result is the minimal number of wrinkles, or very small wrinkles that are proven to be even attractive for those in the fifties or sixties. Wrinkle cream is also very effective in the fight against wrinkles and aging.

Serious science researches proved that those modern skincare products, such as Anti-Aging Serums and creams, contain active substances that make your skin smooth, and it has possitive effect on exsisting wrinkles too. In the production of modern cosmetics, labaratories are using the proven fighters against aging and wrinkles – antioxidants. This substance gives your skin the signal to start to make defense mechanism against aging.

new-anti-aging-origins-plantscription-serum-Our skin usually starts aging when we are about 25 years old. The reason for such behaviour of our skin can be divided in internal and external influence. Internal factors are those that comes with our genes, and we can not change them. But, when we speak about externals factors, we can do a lot for our skin, to prevent aging rapidly after thirties or earlier. Almost 80% of rapid aging is connected to the harmful effects of UV radiation. Yes, our beloved Sun makes us older. Another main reason for premature skin aging is smoking. Chemicals and nicotine in cigarettes cause oxidative crisis, just like some sort of pollution.

Prevention steps, that will keep your skin as young as it is possible, should be your common habit in order to protect your skin, both for health and appearance reasons. Skin care should be your daily routine, and some of the basic steps to achieve good results go like this:

–    Cleaning your face with chemicals that remove makeup and impurities without irritating the skin is the first step. The preparation should be mild and it should not dehydrate your skin

–    Toning the skin with the corresponding toner cleans your skin and prepare it for the next step

–    Anti-Aging Serums and other skin care products provide the skin with the necessary moisture and nutrients. It will also help to fight against the effects of aging that often include dryness caused by aging

–    If you expect exposure to the sun during the day, you should apply effective protection from the UV radiation

Lumare-Skin-anti-Aging-Serum-does-it-workConsuming of some groceries may come handy in anti-aging fight too. For instance, fruits and vegetables are full of antioxidants and micronutrients that help your skin to remain healthy and resistant to aging. Drinking proper amounts of water during the day is also the important part of skin care fight that you should stick to.

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