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For many years, whey protein has been the most sought-after body supplements by many bodybuilding enthusiasts. It provides the body with adequate proteins, amino acids, and other essential minerals to help promote lean muscle growth. While there are many scientific studies to prove the effectiveness of whey protein in promoting muscle growth, whey protein is also known to play more significant roles regarding our overall health. These roles include promoting weight loss and serving as a rich source of anti-oxidants and anti-cancer properties.

What is whey protein?

There are two major proteins found in milk, whey, and casein. Whey can, therefore, be extracted from milk or be gotten as a by-product of cheese making. Whey protein is made up of 3 main ingredients: glutathione, leucine and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). While glutathione is known to boost the overall health, both CLA and leucine are particularly helpful when it comes to weight loss.

What does whey protein do in promoting muscle growth?

Whey protein has a very high nutritional value and acts as a rich source of easily digestible amino acids and dietary proteins. Amino acids are the essential building blocks for muscle growth and repair. Leucine to be particular is the most growth-promoting amino acids found in whey and makes up 12% of the amino acids. Leucine activates the mammalian target of rapamycin mechanism to boost protein synthesis thereby leading to increased muscle growth.

Other health benefits of whey protein

Weight loss

Proteins are usually more satiating when compared to other food macronutrients as they take longer to digest. What’s more, whey protein has a superior satiety when compared to other proteins such as soy and casein. This, therefore, aids in suppressing appetite to prompt low calories intake. Additionally, whey is known to boost metabolic activities in the body. This assists you to burn more calories and significantly lose weight.

Enhancing body anti-oxidant defenses

Anti-oxidants are crucial when it comes to eliminating free radicals from our bodies, and glutathione, which is contained in whey protein, is among the most efficient anti-oxidants found in nature. Again, glutathione is intracellular and help to boost the activities of other antioxidants thus strengthening our body immunity. More research also shows that whey protein aids in minimizing oxidative stress and increasing the level of glutathione in our body.

Helps to lower blood pressure

Lactokine is a natural bioactive peptide which is contained in whey protein and responsible for the treatment of high blood pressure. A study published in the international journal also linked intake of dairy products with reduced blood pressure and improved cardiovascular health.

Treatment of inflammation

Inflammation is the natural body’s way of responding to pathogens and damages. While inflammation is vital in fighting off foreign invaders in our bodies, at times, unnecessary inflammation can be chronic therefore exposing us to many diseases which include arthritis and ulcerative colitis.
Since C-reactive protein is produced by the liver in response to inflammation, whey focuses on reducing the levels of C-reactive protein in an attempt to control inflammation.

Effects of whey protein

Too much of everything is poisonous. Similarly, excessive intake of whey protein might bring about some side effects. They include:

1. Formation of kidney stones

Calcium is a known predisposing factor to kidney stones. Our bodies usually reverse the effects of blood acidity by use of calcium. The unused calcium in this process is then deposited in the kidney, leading to the formation of kidney stones. It’s therefore wise to consult with a doctor if you have any kidney problems.

2. Allergic reactions

Some people are lactose intolerant and thus find it hard to digest lactose which is contained in whey protein. This may result in cramping and other allergic reactions.

3. Liver damage

High levels of protein could easily trigger your body into a state of ketosis. Increased level of ketones causes too much stress to the liver which could lead to liver damage.

4. Acne breakout

Whey protein contains insulin-like growth factor-1 which is known to boost sebum production. This results in increased skin cells, skin oil and inflammation thus leading to acne breakout.

Although most whey protein proponents term these side effects as mere speculations with no substantial evidence to back them up, you should be extra careful when purchasing and using this product. This entails buying the right whey protein products from the best supplement sellers. I would recommend Surge Supplements. They offer the best pre-workout supplements to guarantee you reap the maximum benefits there are in whey proteins.

All in all, remember that healthy living means everything in moderation.

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Are you looking to pump up your exercising sessions? Are you looking to build muscle mass and make the most out of workouts? In that case the pre-workout supplements from Surge will definitely make the cut. Surge Supplements are designed to help you perform better in the gym so that you get to enjoy the chiselled body, you always craved for. They are natural and made from completely safe ingredients. So once you start taking them, you’ll automatically witness a positive impact in your overall body. In case you’re looking to find out more about these supplements, here’s everything you got to know about surge supplements workout.

Surge Pre-workout Supplements

Surge Banger

If you’re looking to stay more focused and pumped up during your workouts- the Surge Banger is exactly what you need. This supplement helps you get more energy so that you perform your workouts with utmost perfection. One scoop of the supplement is way better than 20-40 servings of other leading products in the market. It does not have any side effects, and only focuses on positively impacting your system. So if you’re looking forward to a chiselled frame, this is one product that you can always vouch on.

Extreme Surge Pre workout

Made from citrulline, mallate and essential B vitamins- the Extreme Surge Pre workout supplement is designed to keep you fit and active all way round. These supplements contain the best grade of powerful ingredients in every single scoop. So once you take them, you’ll soon notice a significant change in your overall body. The supplement strengthens your muscles, ensures that your blood pumps faster to the blood vessels and also fosters better vascular function. With several pump ingredients dosed in the perfect amount, you’ll soon enjoy the skin splitting pumps that everyone boasts off in the gym.

Surge Active Trim

Are you looking for a chiselled body without any filler ingredients? In that case, the Surge Active Trim is exactly what you need. Formulated with citrulline, and several other active ingredients, this supplement effectively maximizes the blood flow along your muscles. This delivers powerful pump and greater vascular functions. The supplement comes saturated with several proprietary blends and well-dosed ingredients which collectively assist in building your muscle mass. So if you’re tired of your small frame and are looking forward to some noticeable improvements, this is one product that’ll definitely live up to your needs. Surge active trim will energize you, keep you fit, strengthen your endurance and help you perform better at the gym.

Surge Active Pump

Surge Active Pump is yet another supplement from the brand that effectively helps in boosting your muscle mass and overall endurance. The supplement is rich in active ingredients which improves your individual energy levels at any specific moment, including your workout sessions. In addition to that, it also promotes better mental and physical endurance. Your stamina enhances and you’re able to perform all those exercises that initially scared you. The Active Pump doesn’t just limit itself in enhancing your energy and endurance, but it also promotes better recovery of your body after tedious sessions of workouts. It also enhances the metabolism of your body and increases its capability for weight loss. The supplement can be easily digested, and once start you taking this regularly, you’ll end up noticing visible results in one week itself. As of now, Surge Active Pump is available in the delectable flavour of Pina Colada. So even if you’re choosy about flavours- this is one supplement that’ll totally meet your expectations.

Surge Active Pre

If you’re looking forward to an ultimate pre workout with the best ingredients ever, the Surge Active Pre is an excellent product to vouch on. This supplement increases your muscle mass, endurance and overall strength. Unlike most other products it doesn’t have any blends; nor is it pine dusted. Like the other products mentioned on this list, this supplement too is made from L-citrulline and other active ingredients. The citrulline reduces your fatigue and helps you perform better for both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. In addition, they’ll also help you develop better red blood cells. So if you’re looking forward to greater muscular endurance and stronger build- these supplements will definitely live up to your expectations. You can also check the surge review, to know more about them.


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Home gyms are becoming increasingly popular, with gym memberships becoming very expensive and overcrowded. Also, many of us no longer have time to commute to and from commercial health clubs or gyms because of our busy schedules. It can be difficult to go to the gym when you have a family and full-time job. This is one of the reasons building your own home gym to workout has become so popular.

Purchasing exercise equipment can become quite a daunting task, but if you take a few things into consideration, it can become a little easier. You will need to build a gym based on your specific needs. You must consider these factors before you even start the buying process:


You will need to find out how much you can spend on the equipment. Most people imagine that creating a home gym can be a huge expense, but you can create a home gym on even a very small budget. There is a lot of used training at home equipment out there that you can purchase that is very inexpensive. Or if money is not a problem you can purchase just about any equipment you want that you can find in your local gyms.

Space availability

You’ll need some space for your machines. Good choices include a garage, a spare room or a basement. I recommend that you calculate the square footage of a room first, measure the length and the width of the room (in feet), and multiply each number together. Also, make sure that you measure the height of the ceiling, so you know how much clearance you have. Now that you have picked a room out and taken the measurement you will have a better idea of what type of equipment you can choose.

Fitness goals

You have to decide if you want to build muscle, cardiovascular fitness, or you are looking for general fitness as your goal. Your fitness goals will affect what equipment you choose for your home gym. Any good home gym system should offer at least 20 different exercises. Some of the best equipment offers as many as 50, but only you can say whether the additional ones are worth the extra money. Do you want to trim down your waist or bulk up your chest?

If you know your budget, the amount of space available, and what your specific fitness goals are, then you are ready to build your home gym. It is recommended that you read reviews online to get a better understanding of the type of home gyms available. What equipment for a gym at home? They include dumbbells, barbell, adjustable intent bodyweight counter, rowing units, resistance rings among others.

Benefits of Home Gym

There are many drawbacks in going to a gym. First thing is you should go to the gym every day and if it is not near your house then you’ll have to travel to the gym, and that itself will waste your energy and time. Due to this hassle after a time you will start skipping your exercise routine. But if you have home gym equipment, then you’ll have no problems. You just need to get house and beginning work out by having enough time. You can exercise in the early morning or at night. It’s your choice.

So if you want to work out consistently from now on then having a home gym is necessary. Having a home gym will give you the freedom to work out on your favorable time as well as without paying any membership fee at a fitness club. It is a very great idea, but the aspect is you should comply with it and continue your work out regularly to get a perfect shaped body. You may be considering between two options on how to go about your workout, I think you will choose to set up a home rather than paying the membership fee at a gym.

In conclusion, the advantages of working out at home are, cheaper long-term costs, more convenience, saves so much time and it’s more flexible. No more having to drive to and from a gym, that saves you valuable time right there alone. You can workout at times that are most convenient for you, not someone else’s set schedule. Overall owning a gym is a good purchase to make, especially if you do want to work out and tone up your body. You can start out basic and work your way up in future equipment as your strength or wallet develops. Having a gym at home on a budget isn’t something hard if you understand your fitness needs.

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Skin by size

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It is the organ that comes into contact with the rest of the world. It carries a lot of fluids that help it remain hydrated and keeps harmful microbes out of the body. Without the skin, you could have a lot of infections. In addition, it helps you feel,  without the skin you wouldn’t feel hot or cold. With all these functions it is therefore very important that you keep the skin as much healthy as you can. A healthy skin will keep you away from diseases and the internal injuries.

There are so many enemies of the skin; the sun, injuries, acne, skin disease and skin aging. People have come up withsolutions for all the mentioned but have forgotten skin aging for they believe it is just a normal part of life. It isn’t. A rough, slack and a more fragile skin is not what any woman of any age would want to have. It is very hard to avoid skin aging naturally because in the late twenties fine lines will start to appear and at thirties and forties wrinkles will start to show after the skin has lost its elasticity. However, the aging of your skin will depend on your diet, lifestyle heredity,and your personal habits. It is therefore important you watch your diet and lifestyle.

Many people, who believe skin aging is not just a normal part of life, think that plastic surgery and Botox are the solutions to skin aging. These procedures are very dangerous and expensive. There is a new way to protect your skin from the harmful substances that cause aging.  This new,safe and affordable method will also repair the damages done on your skin. Avalure anti-aging is the solution to skin aging.

How Avalure anti-aging works 

avalure anti aging reviewAvalure anti-aging will prevent your skin from aging and if you already have wrinkles it will repair them. In the past, people believed there were no ways of avoiding the signs of aging. Thanks to the cosmetic science industry that has come up with Avalure anti-aging that will help many women maintains a young skin forever. The free radicals in the environment and other stress- causing elements cause damage to the cells and tissues of the skin. This is what will eventually lead to theformation of wrinkles. A lot of people do not take care of their skins well enough. They
think that the normal routine of applying sunscreen and moisturizer from the store is enough. Your skin needs a more powerful moisturizer. Avalure anti-aging contains a strong moisturizer that ensures your skin remain hydrated for a long time by penetrating deep through the pores. With this cream, you can never experience dry skin, which is a factor in skin aging.

The other thing that leads to skin aging is lack of a major component known as collagen. The molecules of this component naturally break down with time. When you are still young the body produces more to replace them unlike when you get old. This cream has ingredients that support healthy production of collagen. When you use the cream you will not only be moisturizing your skin but also repairing the tissues. You cannot miss this cream, it is worth it.

Advantages of the Avalure anti-aging

This cream is good for all skin types. You can start using this cream as early as you are in your twenties. From Avalure reviews, the product works just as well in treating aging skin around the eyes and the cream’s formula stops aging that is caused by both internal and external factors. In addition, the product is made with natural ingredients.


The avalureanti-agingcream is available in the stores. If you like shopping online you can also order one online and you will have it delivered to your doorstep. Wait no more, get the cream to tighten and brighten your skin. Look and feel young again. From Avalure anti-aging reviews you only need to use it for less than four weeks and you will start experiencing and seeing the changes. So you can be assured of the results. Do not go risking all your dollars for the risky procedure to remove the wrinkles. Buy the cream that is affordable and less risky. With Avalure anti-aging, no wrinkles or any signs of skin aging.

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Young woman losing weight in a weekWeight loss seems like a challenge for many and there is a wide range of solutions, training programs, diets, workouts, even yoga and meditation practices that can help you achieve this goal. Losing weight in a week is an attractive goal and many people have tried achieving it. Some managed to lose weight in a week, some didn’t.
What makes the difference between the successful stories and those who still dream of losing weight in a week? Here is where project management comes in handy. When starting a project (let’s name our project “how to lose weight in a week”) it’s essential to follow some steps. First of all, you should understand your motivation, you should define your goals and then all the methods and resources you will need to reach your destination should be clear for you.
Almost three quarters of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese and in these circumstances, weight loss industry is thriving. There are hundreds of miracle products available on the market but their magic disappears if you take a step back and observe how these products work (or better say, don’t work).
Let’s see some essential information you should know before starting to lose weight in one week:

Set Realistic Goals

Losing in one week only the belly fat, or thinning your legs will not work. Losing all your extra weight will not be possible if you have many pounds to shred. Don’t panic and take it slow as losing weight in one week can be just the beginning of a beautiful journey towards a fitter and healthier you.
Setting realistic expectations is the essential factor that makes the weight loss project doable. Setting realistic goals when willing to lose weight in a week will also minimize the disappointment you could feel when reaching deadline, if things don’t work out as expected. You could use an online simulator that can help you make some realistic estimations for weight loss. You enter basic information about yourself (age, sex, current weight and lifestyle) and the simulator will show you which are your caloric needs and how much weight you can lose in one week while maintaining your health.

Don’t Starve Yourself!

The temptation to adopt strict diets is very big, but always keep in mind that your weight is closely related to your health. This means that when you adjust some parameters in your body’s functioning (like calories intake and calories consumption, quality of nutrients you provide your body) all these modifications will have effects on your health directly.
When willing to lose weight in one week, don’t go for starvation or for very strict diets. It will be very hard for your body to adapt, your mood and your work capacity will be influenced (most of the times negatively). Again, we strongly advise you to use an online calories calculator or a professional scale that can show you the calories you need to provide your body daily. Go for 10%-15% deficits (if you need 2000 calories daily, then reduce your intake to 1800, for example) if you want to maintain your health.
Also, provide your body energy from smart sources. In our food are three main types of nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and lipids and you can adjust the intake of each of these nutrients in order to find the best combination for your body and weight loss. Intermittent fasting (a certain pattern established in your life that cycles strictly defined intervals for eating and for fasting) is also proven to have amazing results in weight loss. Cutting carbs will also help a lot in such short-term weigh loss projects.

Don’t Forget About Exercise!

Food and exercise are two important aspects both for weight loss and for gaining weight. You can reach your goal of losing weight in one week faster if, next to a balanced and healthy diet, you exercise. The most popular and efficient type of workout for weight loss is HIIT (high-intensity interval training).
This means that you work at highest capacity for a specific interval of time and then recovering. This type of exercising increases your metabolic rate and, good to know, is more efficient than classic cardio. Never omit warming up before a workout and don’t force your body into long, heavy workouts if you did not have an active life before starting to lose weight.

Take Care Of Your Emotions Too

When making important changes in your lifestyle, eating and workout habits, you should always consider your feelings. Maybe the main cause you gained weight was eating instead of dealing with negative feelings. It won’t last long until your mind will perceive the change and most of the times it will try to get you back to the inefficient mindset. So try to take care about your thoughts, about your motivation, your feelings. Try finding a partner in this weight loss journey, a counselor or a support group.
Weight loss in one week is a reality, all you need to do is make a plan, set realistic goals, find your motivation and work hard! Find the little joys in this one-week weight loss process and allow your body to reach the shape you feel best with!
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